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Dr. CarPal

Are you always cautious about buying car accessories, specially online?

Or ever got stucked between style and features of a new dashcam? 

Quality and quantity of the features? 

Size and shape of it? 

Even Price and Security? 

We all face this tough decisions when purchasing, even for our cars' accessories.


A lot of car enthusiasts buy products that caught their attention that they saw from other cars, or was told by a friend. But being aggressive in purchasing, without further knowledge about the product, might be risky. Aggressive buyers admitted that most of the items they bought were over-priced, poor in quality, and not what they really need.

There is no harm in asking. Researching can save you time, effort and money. Dr. CarPal is here to help you with your car accessories' inquiries. It will provide you important and useful information, that you need to know and consider, when buying a car accessory. No more wasted time and money!

Dr. CarPal will recommend you only the best!


What are the features a quality dashcam should have? 
Some of the basic features are: • Full HD : Able to produce high quality picture and video in 1080p.• Wide Viewing Angles 

Dashcam video chips are always used as important evidences to clarify the causes of accidents. However, have you ever experienced the sigh of regret when you wanted to capture a video, but forgot to hit the record button… 

This is the most commonly asked question in every optical shops that we have been to. Glasses are widely used for its ability to withstand heat, scratches and transmit light very well. And, Do you know there is a huge cost difference... 

Follow the 9 steps,installing a dashcam is not as hard as you thought it could be. Having a dashcam nowadays is very important, and installing it properly can help you have a clear sight of the road…


Do you know, according to US research, 75% of accidents in highways were due to insufficient tire pressure? There were a lot of road accidents that should have been avoided if only the drivers knew their tire condition. Good thing, TPMS were made… 

Do you know that your tire pressure can decrease for about 10% every month? It could majorly affect the life span of your tires and also the control of your car. So how do we know which is the appropriate pressure for our tires?.....

According to some research, a car tire with 25% below the recommended pressure is more prone to car crash, and double the risk for the ones with 25% higher than the recommended pressure. That is being proven by the list of car accidents every year due to improper tire pressure. Statistics said 250,000 car crash, injuries of 33,000, and 660 deaths could have been avoided only if the cars had their proper tire pressure......