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We would like to provide you the best shopping experience, so we created Help Center. CarPal loves to assist and help you with your concerns, all you need is here.

  1. Place Order
  2. Payment
  3. Delivery / shipping
  4. Return and Refund


  1. Place Order


  1. How to place an order?
    1. Thank you for showing interest to our product. For purchasing please go to our homepage (
    2. Select Shop all at the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. Available products will be shown.
    4. Click or select the picture of the product you want to purchase.
    5. Select the quantity you want to order, then click add to cart.(*note: you can purchase multiple items in one order)
    6. A window will show up on the left side of the screen, if you have decided to purchase the product(s), please click Checkout.
    7. You will be redirected to another window where you need to enter your information. Please always double check the details to avoid shipping problems.
    8. After entering your shipping details, you have to choose the payment option you are going to use. You will always be redirected to another window after clicking Place an Order, for payment information.
    9. Always take note of your reference number and check the box for sending the payment instruction through email.
    10. You will be receiving an email after placing your order that includes the link for payment instruction, and another email for your order copy.


  1. Do I have to create an account to order?

You can place an order even without creating an account, but we recommend for you to create an account for easier transaction in the future regarding warranty service.


  1. Can I order multiple items and send it to different people?

In order to make sure your items can be delivered on time and correctly, we only accept each order to be shipped to one address. If you have to send the products to different people, please process an order for each person.


  1. What if something went wrong with the website while I’m ordering, who can I contact to check if the order went through?

We are sorry to hear about it, but if this situation happens, please check your email account for order confirmation, or you can contact our customer service ( for further assistance.


  1. Am I going to get a notification once my order went through?

Yes. You will be getting an e-mail for order confirmation, payment confirmation, and shipping confirmation.


  1. Can your online customer service make or process the order for me?

We would like to protect your private and personal information, and as much as we wanted to assist you with placing your order, our customer service cannot process the order for you. This is to avoid any conflicts and disclosure of your personal information.


  1. Payment


  1. What are my payment options?

We accept different kinds of payment to provide you the best shopping experience.

Payment can be made through:

  • Online Banking
  • Over-the-Counter Bank payment
  • Over-the-counter non-bank payment
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  1. Do you accept all credit cards?

Yes. We do accept all major credit cards for payment.

  1. Can I use someone else’s credit card to purchase?

We are glad that you wanted to place an order, but we suggest for you to use your own credit card for purchasing online to avoid possible future payment issues. If you do not have your own credit card at the moment, we do have other payment options that are easy to use for you to process your order.

  1. Do you do COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Unfortunately, the Cash-on-delivery service is currently not available. Please expect that we are working our best for this option to be available in the future.

  1. Can I use several credit cards?

We are sorry to say that you can only use one credit card on each transaction. If it won’t be possible for you to complete the process by using one credit card, please check the other payment options available for you to use.

  1. Can I pay with half-cash and half credit card?

Please be advised that if you chose to pay using credit card, the whole payment needs to be processed with the same credit card. On the other hand, if you decided to pay it in cash, please pay the order in full cash over-the-counter through bank or payment centers.

  1. Are you going to charge me shipping fee per item, or per total order?

In order to minimize your cost, we will charge the shipping fee by order. So we recommend you to purchase more than one piece when you order, so you only need to pay the shipping fee once.

  1. Who can I talk to if my card was overcharged?

In case of overcharging, please see your order copy for breakdown of charges. If you still needed further assistance, please contact our customer service at  

  1. Am I going to get a notification if you already received the payment?

Yes. We will notify you through e-mail once your payment was confirmed and received.


  1. Delivery / Shipping


  1. How long will it takes for me to receive my order?

Please be advised that the shipping time frame will depend on the local courier that will deliver your product.

  1. Do you ship/deliver on weekends and holidays?

Yes. Our local courier ships on Saturdays but not Sundays. They also ship on selected holidays.

  1. What if I was not home when you delivered my product, what will happen to my package?

If you’re always not at home, you can leave a copy of your pictured ID, together with an Authorization letter, to someone with you at home. LBC will be able to leave the package to the authorized person.

In case nobody is at home, please check the package through the Tracking Order page of LBC, and it will provide you the information about the status of your package.

(*Note: We will e-mail you your order tracking number that you can use for tracking your order.)

  1. Do you ship all over the country?

We deliver to almost all parts of the country. But please take note that some remote areas cannot be reached by our local couriers. Please visit LBC to check the area where you wanted to deliver the package.

  1. Do you ship overseas?

We are sorry, but we can only ship locally in the Philippines at the moment.

  1. What if I received the wrong item, what will I do?

Please kindly keep all the original boxes and accessories of the product. Download and fill-up the Return Form, and send the form to our customer service at Further assistance and information will be given to you through e-mail.

  1. What should I do if the item sent to me was broke, missing some accessories, malfunction, or not powering on when I first got it?

We are confident that all products were tested and passed the quality control before sending it to our customers. If this situation happens, please fill up the Return Form, and send it to our customer service at Further assistance and information will be given to you through e-mail.

  1. Are you going to send a notification when you’re about to send the item to me?

Yes. An SMS text will be sent to you when delivering the product and once the product was received.

  1. How can I track my order?

Please visit the Tracking Order Page of LBC to know the status of the delivery of your package.


  1. Return and Refund


  1. How to return an order?

We are confident that all products perform at their best, but if you decided to return it to us, please see the following requirements:

  • You can return the product(s) within 10 days from the shipping date.
  • You need to file for a Return and Refund form and send it to our email address (insert email add).
  • Please be advised that the product customer wants to return should be in a new-like good condition, which includes the plastic bags (bubble bag is included), original box, stickers, and accessories.


  1. How long will it takes to get my refund?

We will process your refund as soon as our quality assurance team inspected, and confirmed that the product you returned is qualified for the refund. It usually takes a week for the quality check, though generally less. When the returned product passed the quality check, it takes 3 business days for CarPal to refund your payment to your payment service provider (for example your credit card service provider). But please be advised, that the period of time your payment service provider needs to refund you your money already depends with your payment service provider. If after 30 business days and you still didn’t received your refund, please contact us by messaging us through our Facebook messenger, or email us at

        3. Is it possible for me to exchange a product?

We are sorry, but we can’t assist you with changing product once you completely processed your order. This is because our product team processes your product once the order was placed. You can file for a return and refund if you wish to exchange product, then just place a new order.

        4. What should I do if something is wrong with the product like damaged or defective when it was delivered, or isn't what I ordered?

We apologize if this incident happens, but please do not remove any stickers or take out the product from its original packaging. Please also let us know about it through our email, so we can assist you.

        5. How to have a successful return?

The product must be returned within 10 days from the shipping date printed on the delivery receipt. The products should not be damaged in any cause or removed from the original plastic bag and box. All accessories and stickers must also be inside and included in the box when you shipped it back to us. Please kindly preserve the box, for it not to have any damage. We strongly advise you to send it back with the bubble bag.

When the quality team assured that the product has a manufacturing defect, we will fully refund you the product amount. But on the other hand, if the product was damaged in other reason and not a manufacturing defect, we will return the original product you purchased to you.

We do not refund products:

  • that were damaged due to negligence or abuse like sharp object or water damaged.
  • damaged due to misuse other than its intended purpose.

        6. Are you going to refund my shipping / delivery costs if I returned my order?

We will only refund the full product amount, but not the shipping or delivery cost.


        7. What if my questions were not answered here or I need further assistance?

Any further concerns or questions? Please reach us through our email address, or message us in our Facebook messenger.