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How does Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Work?

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As what we have learned from the previous article, TPMS gives a real-time update of the tire’s pressure status. Over-inflated or under-inflated tires can both cause unwanted situations, from tire maintenance concerns to fatal accidents. How does this tiny intelligent accessory work?


Relation of Sensors and Computer Board


Each of the transmitters mounted to the tires uses radio waves to send the pressure data to the computer board or the data receiver. Modern cars already have these boards installed into the car, but for those who don’t, a separate computer board or receiver with monitor comes handy.


As TPMS monitor will show the status of your tire pressure, it can also warn you if one of the tires is not meeting your desired PSI or pressure.


TPMS Basic Warning Methods


There are different ways on how TPMS gives warning depending on the TPMS monitor;


1. A steady exclamation-like-sign will appear on the screen when one of the tires need attention. This means that the tire is not meeting the standard required PSI of the car manufacturer. Since this sign only alerts the driver of a tire pressure issue, it does not tell which tire specifically is having the problem. So, the driver needs to check all of the tires to correct it.


(Important: If this exclamation-like-sign blinks, it means that the TPMS is malfunctioning and needs troubleshooting.)


2. The TPMS monitor will show a car diagram or four lines representing the tires with the current PSI status of each tire next to it. The tire that is not meeting the standard manufacturer’s PSI will usually blink or will change color.

Why do TPMS needs maintenance?

As the saying goes, “Change is the only permanent thing in the world.”, TPMS maintenance is needed to make sure that you can maximize the usage of the device. TPMS transmitters are being powered by small batteries, so expect to change it when it ran out. Another thing to check is the valve of the transmitters since it can wear out and get corroded as time goes by.


Having a TPMS can not only help you save money, but also helps to save your life.

Video source: Mighty Auto Parts