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Buying a Dashcam? Read This First.

• What is a Dashcam?

Dashcam is a car video recorder that is now trending all over the world.

• Why do you need one?

A lot of people buy dashcam for a lot of reasons like recording their daily travels and capturing unusual road events. On the other hand, most of these people have a very important reason for purchasing a dashcam, and that is to protect and defend themselves from fraudulent and unexpected road situations.

• Why does it become a trend to install a dashcam?

In the Philippines, it takes not only skills to drive to get home safe. Filipinos know the danger of driving and parking at night, the uneasy feeling when a policeman asked you to stop, and the other troublesome situations that Filipinos encounter when driving everyday. Because of these, the Philippines Government is now thinking of having a law for vehicles to have an installed car video recorder to help motorists have a proof or incident evidence when needed, and most motorists agreed to that.

Aside from recording road travels, having a dashcam while traveling can make the driver feel safe and protected.

Having a dashcam while traveling, is like having a travel buddy that will remember your road travel.

But, not everybody can be a good travel buddy right? It’s better to travel with someone who has good eyesight for reading directions, not easy to get tired, can remember details, and so on.

It is the same with choosing your dashcam. All of them function as a video recorder, but not all can have clean and detailed recordings specially at night. Always remember the reason why you are buying a dashcam. It serves not only a recorder, but also an evidence when you encountered unexpected road situations.

What are the features a quality dashcam should have?
Some of the basic features are:

• Full HD : Able to produce high quality picture and video in 1080p.

• Wide Viewing Angles : A wide angle lens features a viewing angle of about 120 to 180 degrees. The wider the viewing angle is, the better.

• Loop/Cycle Recording : Once the memory card reaches full maximum capacity, this option enables the camera to recycle and record over the earliest file rather than delete everything.

• Motion Detection / Parking mode : This feature automatically turns on and starts recording, when detected an external movement near the car.

• Time and Date Stamp : It shows the date and time when the video was taken.

• G-Sensor (Gravity Sensor) : The G-Sensor will activate and protect the previous, current and next video files automatically, when a sudden and unusual movement happened to the car. It prevents the loop recycling feature to delete the files.

• Still Picture Camera : Allows you to also take pictures and save it to the memory card.

• Audio Recording : Records all audio and sounds within dashcam range.

• High Definition Recording : High-definition video recording & 1, 1.3, 2, 5, or 12 Mega pixels CMOS

• WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) : WDR technology enables the dash cam to automatically adjust and enhance its recording exposure to better capture video files in low light conditions.

• Wifi : This function is a convenient way of viewing the recorded videos without removing the memory card from the dashcam, because videos can easily be viewed on smartphones. It will also allow users to use their dashcams as a surveillance camera and monitor it using their phones.

The quality of the lenses are also important to make good quality videos. A dashcam with 6 layers of glasses can produce clearer and wider angle videos than those with only 4 layers. Some brands claim that they have 6 layers of lenses, but 2 or 4 of those were made of plastic materials, and that will affect the video quality and dashcam performance in the long run. So, checking the quality of the lenses is also a must.

It is very important nowadays to have a dashcam, not only to be in the trend, but to also have a protection with you all the time. We just need to check the best and most reliable one.

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