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How to Neatly Install Dash Cam Cord?


More and more people nowadays believe that dashcam can save them from unwanted situations. Depending on the quality and the brand of the dashcam, asking a professional for installation can also add up to the cost. This fact scares some motorists who do not know how to install the dash cam on their own to help save some penny.


Are you one of them? Worry no more because this article will give you the basic ways on how to DIY your dash cam installation.


Materials Needed: 

-Dash camera power cord (Charger) 

-At least one of the following

•Tape (Any strong quality tape will do, but electrical tape is advisable)

•Cable Clips (also available in hardwares)

•Glue (Any strong quality glue will do, but Super glue is more advisable)


Time Needed: 10 minutes


Difficulty: Easy


Attach the dashcam to the windshield first before concealing the cord. Before doing so, clean the suction cup and the windshield with a wet cloth. Follow the steps below for basic concealing:


Step 1: Run the cord from the dash camera to the windshield headliner. You can attach the cord of the dash cam to the existing wire of your rear view mirror if there is using the electrical tape. The part of the car where the roof and windshield meets is called a “Lip”. You can tuck the cord above the lip to completely hide it.


Step 2: Hide the cord above the lip of the windshield headliner. Hide it by running the cord at the back of the headliner and then curving it going down the corner. Tape, glues, or cable clips can be used to attach the corners.


Step 3: Bring the cord out of the end of the headliner and curve going down to the edge of the windshield. The cord can nestle into the edge where the interior of the car meets the windshield. 


Step 4: Run the cord going down the edge of the windshield and then attach it. The cord can nestle into the edge where the interior of the car and windshield meets. 


Step 5: When you were done with attaching the cords all the way going down the edge of the windshield as described in step4, you can curve the cord towards the dashboard and then run it along the edge.


Step 6: Wrap the cord around the corner of the frame or the dashboard. This is optional.


Step 7: Attach or tuck the wire into the molding and run it down the edge. This part of the car is usually not being seen when the car door is closed. If the wire cannot be tucked, use a tape, cable clips, or glue to hold it in its place. Do not worry if this part won’t look pretty since it can be concealed by the door. 


Step 8: Run the cord down the floor mat or the glove box. You can fasten the cord tightly by using tapes, glue, or cable clips.


Step 9: Run the cord all the way up to the power outlet or the cigarette lighter. 


Nothing comes easy at first try, but, installing a dashcam is not as hard as you thought it could be. Having a dashcam nowadays is very important, and installing it properly can help you have a clear sight of the road. Aside from choosing a top quality dash cam with quality video, it should also have at least 2 meters long cord for easy installation.


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