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What is G-Sensor

Dashcam video chips are always used as important evidences to clarify the causes of accidents. However, have you ever experienced the sigh of regret when you wanted to capture a video, but forgot to hit the record button because you were too excited? What more if you were driving and had an accident? Most people will be in great shock that they can’t even think and speak well. 


That is one of the reasons why dashcams were created, to record and provide evidence of an accident or unfortunate road situation when needed. Basic dashcams can lock and protect important clips of your dashcam by a click button, but most users forget to do it and lose the video file. So someone spent money buying a Dashcam, but it is useless when you need it!

This inconvenience gave the idea of creating a sensor to protect recording files automatically, and so G-Sensor was made.


Sometimes called G-Shock, this function enables your dashcam to lock the recording file when it suddenly received a shock, either from a collision, crashes, or heavy breaking. It is a very important function that protects important footage from being deleted when the memory card is full and it loops over. Most modern dashcams have this advanced function and still having the lock File button conveniently available for users to use manually when needed.We look for opportunities to create great products that can be used by a multitude of users regardless of age, gender, or ability.

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G-Sensor can easily be triggered and activated even when the car just passed by a road hole, speed humps, or Rumble Strips. This worries users that G-Sensor will make the memory card full easily. Good thing, enhanced dashcams like the ones from Trywin makes it possible to adjust G-Sensor’s sensitivity from Low, Medium, to High. Users can adjust the sensitivity according to their driving environment.


Having a dashcam is already a necessity for drivers nowadays. If you are trying to get one or a new one, get a dashcam with a special feature like G-Sensor to make sure important files will be protected.